Healthy Holiday For A Change

A Healthy Holiday For A Change

Trends are changing here in Britain as holiday makers are seeking a healthy holiday for a change in their aims to have a better holiday. It seems the bloated days of the all inclusive, fill your face and binge vacations, are going to take a hit as the Brits are now seeking holidays and holiday retreats as a way to improve their minds and physical well being.

Arriving home reinvigorated and viberant with life could be the holiday we all need, or are you sat on the fence with your chips washed down by margarita’s, cuba libres, coke and ice creams?

The figures are astonishing as illustrated here on the IMTJ (International Medical Travel Journal)

A Healthy Holiday For A Change

“Health tourism and health travel are on the up as 94% of British people now seek holidays to pursue health and fitness, says The Body Holiday survey commissioned by wellness travel agency Health and Fitness Travel. 85% are now willing to try a health and fitness holiday to improve their body and mind.”

“More people are taking a DIY approach to their health and searching out new ways to lose weight, get educated, ditch long term medication and kick start a more healthy lifestyle. Taking control of your own life and health is something we promote so strongly at the retreat and we give guests the tools to make not just short term change but longer term lifestyle adjustments too.”

So not only can you get away from it all, eat healthily & free your mind you can come back with a change for a better you that you can stick to.

So will you be arriving back home from your holiday feeling like you need a well deserved break before going back work again. Bloated with the excess of having a ‘goodtime’ and an increased waist line to show your work colleagues?

With the changing tide of conciousness leaning towards being healthier and living longer it seems this type of holiday option will be sort more frequently as people gain the correct knowledge of food and what bearing it has on their physicality and the life that they live inside their body.

Juicing raw foods for health and fitness is on the rise and now we have proff that the trend is gainging momentum in the tourism industry as more people than ever are opting for a healthy holiday for a change.