Can Juicing Save Your Life?

Can Juicing Save Your Life?

When celebrities proclaim the benefits of juicing, it helps spread the word (about juicing) further and wider. Making the awareness become more main stream and less of a weird concept for people to get their heads around but can juicing save your life?  It is our belief that it can save many lives not just yours if you tell people about it.

hospital-bedKnoweledge is power they say, so power to the people we say lets educate the masses.  It has become that peoples reactions are changing to juicing lately. I find I don’t get as many “Raw vegeatbles, Er you do what?” and get more “oh my mums friend does it all the time!”   Which is healthy as it means an education in juicing is now more readily available to people who want to grasp the benefits, and understand how to cure and heal themselves from the inside out.
One such person is Polly Noble who, in an aptly titled article called Confessions of a Juice Junkie says she has “been a self-confessed Juice Junkie for over 6 years since my very first cancer diagnosis.”

“That’s why for me, juicing is non-negotiable. It’s abundantly clear that having cancer, it’s super important for me to only feed myself with the best nutrition in order to alkalise my body, boost my immune system and help my body fight my disease.

This knowledge of juicing has helped Polly get over her cancer and stay clear of it.  By proclaiming and showing the benefits she helps other people to understand some of the science behind how it works and what it means to keep your bodies system in an alkalised state, rather than an acidic one, for optimum health and wellbeing.

Can Juicing Save Your Life?

“Acidity is caused by a number of factors:

  • A poor diet high in refined foods like white pasta, white bread, cookies, meat and processed foods and drinking refined and artificial sodas, alcohol and concentrated fruit juice drinks.
  • Stress is highly underrated and extremely detrimental to the internal workings of our body acidifying our pH and making us vulnerable to illness.
  • Toxic load from pollution and pharmaceutical drugs such as antibiotics
  • Negative emotions can lower your pH so think of 10 things to be grateful for and raise your pH.

A diseased body will always be acidic as this is where fungus, yeast infections and more serious diseases like cancer thrive – which is most definitely what we don’t want! So in order to stay well, it’s important to consume a diet high in alkaline forming foods such as vegetables and green leafy vegetables. And what’s the easiest way to do that? JUICE ‘EM BABY!”

I recommend reading the full article as it is very insightful into, the acidity vs alkalinity in, our bodies education.

In an age of  ‘believe what your doctors says’ and ‘take this medicine it’ll make you better’ mentality.  You have to agree being given simple advise that works is extremely valuable but you have to act on it.  Coming from people like Polly, who like many, have a reason to shout about it is just great news for the world of the Juice Junkie out there and those that want to become one.

Polly has beaten cancer twice and is determined to not get it a third time. By creating an alkalised system she gives the cells in her body the correct environment in which they can thrive and easily resist disease.

Can juicing save your life? You be the judge!  Go for green!

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