Juicing For Heart Disease Prevention And Reversal

Juicing For Heart Disease Prevention And Reversal

Heart disease has many causes but what can we do about heart diesease prevention and reversal so as to reduce the risk of this deadly killer and keep it remaining strong and healthy for the rest of our lives?

The heart is a very efficent pumping system. It pumps the life giving blood through our bodies so we can live. When our lifestyles and food eating habits are not inline with our bodies needs it can lead to catasphophic consequences; heart disease, heart attacks and even sudden death.

What can be done to keep it away and if we have it already what can we do to reverse the process and give our bodies what it needs to heal quickly.

Some great advice form University fo Queensland in Australia.

Juicing For Heart Disease Prevention And Reversal

“A recent study released in Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases suggests that vitamin K2 may reduce risk of developing coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease, which is a common heart disease – the major death-causing disease that can lead to heart attack and stroke among other things.

Vitamin K1 is found high in plant foods including raw kale, cooked broccoli, raw spinach, raw Swiss chard and raw parsley. Early observational studies have shown that eating vegetables reduce risk of heart disease and the current study confirmed such an association indirectly.

The study led by G. Gast of the University fo Queensland in Australia and colleagues found intake of each 10 micrograms of vitamin K2 per day was associated with a 9-percent reduction in the risk of coronary heart disease and the association was inverse, meaning that the higher intake of vitamin K2 was linked to lower risk.

Because vitamin K is present in plant foods, food consumers who want to reduce their risk of coronary heart disease should eat lots of green leafy egetables daily. For those who could not eat lots of vegetables, try to take vitamin K2 supplements.

Patients need to know (this message may save your life!!!) that using a 100% plant food based diet can highly effectively prevent or even reverse progression of coronary heart disease. Studies show that more than 99% of patients who used a plant-food based diet can improve their condition and avoid invasive surgery or taking medications, according to Dr. T. Colin Campbell, a distinguished nutrition professor at Cornell University. “

There are drugs and kits on the market but it makes sense to pack your diet full of green vegetables and save your heart from calcification, decay, disease and death. After all this little pump not much bigger than your fist keeps you alive, so why not help it do just that and doing it naturally seems obvious.

Prevention is better than cure. So when you consider your intake of juice, think green vegetables, as you will be juicing for heart disease prevention and reversal which has to be a good thing right? Look after your ticker and your ticker will look after you!

Share this article if you value your friends lives. We are all at risk from heart diease and you could save or prolong someones life by doing so.


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