Cell Power Foods

Cell Power Foods


Each of us is made up of millions of cells, tiny living growing or dying cells.  Right now this is going on in your body   If these cells don’t get the cell power foods they need they become dysfunctional,  idle or die!

Think of your body as a structure with tiny building blocks making up that structure.  These building blocks would be the cells. These building blocks are no inanimate blocks they are real living organisms that need nourishment and sustenance. If they are given the right ingredients they will flourish and remain healthy if not they not their functionality  decreases.

Cell Power Foods

Dan the man (without the aid of his juicer) explains.


So the reality from the mouth of a juicing guru.  Cells need power and the best power you can give them seems to be from raw foods.  I am still to try a juice fast but like Dan we all learn at different rates and get around to doing things at different times.  I hope this has encouraged you to consider your cell power foods when you put your meals together.

Do you have a need to start juicing for better cell health let us know why?

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