Healthy Juice Recipes, What Does Lazy Town Produce ?

Lazy Town Promotes Healthy Drinks For Children! Are They Healthy Juice Recipe’s?

We are all for our children being healthy but are these drinks made using healthy juice recipes?  Is it great way to get your children drinking healthy juice or is it just ‘lazy’?



The Gerber Juice Company, under license from Turner broadcasting who now own the Lazy Town brand, will release exclusively in Sainsbury’s a series of juice drink products for children.  We are told:

“The Lazy Town range, based on the popular children’s TV show, is free from artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours and preservatives.”

Anything that helps children eat, drink and associate good health with fruit and vegetables is a good thing I’m sure you’ll agree (they are not making a juice with vegetables yet I should add).  The fact that such a brilliant program has been brought to the front to promote good health and promote products like this is no surprise.

The program makes great use of the concept of sports sweets (fruit) as a message to children with the good guy Sportacus dishing out ample helping of fruit throughout the show, and the bad guy Robbie Rotten disdainfully turning his nose up at it at every opportunity.  It serves as a healthy paradox against eating sweets and makes it a lesson that’s easily digestible and fun for children to learn at the same time.

So Does Lazy Town Use Healthy Juice Recipes!

According to Packaging Europe’s Web Site tells us this:

“Super Squash, a unique, natural squash which is available in apple and raspberry, pink lemonade and orange and peach.  The Super Squash has no stabilizers or preservatives and comes in a 1.5L carton which should be stored in the fridge after opening for up to 21 days.  When diluted it contains 75% juice, delivering the equivalent of one portion of fruit per 250ml serving.  The MRRP is £3.49.

100% natural smoothies in three flavours: strawberry and banana, apple and blackcurrant and orange and pineapple.  They contain oat fibre, which delivers slow release energy, and the equivalent of one portion of fruit per 180ml. The smoothies come in 4 x 180ml cartons which is the perfect format for packed lunches.  The MRRP is £2.69.

Fit Fruits, a juice drink that comes in three flavours: apple and blackcurrant, lemon and lime and orange and peach.  These are packed in 3x200ml cartons and contain 75% juice, which means they are lower in sugar than pure juice but still 100% natural and tasty for kids.  They also provide the equivalent of one portion of fruit per 200ml serving.  The MRRP is £1.49.

Water, this product directly supports the TV show in which Sportacus promotes drinking water to children.  Lazy Town water is available in 6x330ml packs.   The MRRP is £1.29.”

 You can read the whole article here

As purists of juice in its purist form we should point out that these juices will have been through the process of pasteurisation or similar to ensure a good shelf life of the product and storage once opened and kept in the fridge. These heat processes used do have some harm on the goodness value, which is sometimes incorrectly perceived in drinking juices of this kind. This is why ew ask if they are healthy juice recipes.

As with all food stuffs, they do go off and manufactures have only just found ways of preserving the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes so that most of benefits are still there when we buy it off the shelves.

In conclusion it should be noted that any form of education for children towards the benefits of fruit juices over fizzy drinks, cokes and other sugar based cordials etc is a step in the right direction in food education and for their development, and well being.

Nothing can beat fresh fruit and vegetable juice drinks that are made and consumed immediately. That way you can benefit from all of the wholesome goodness as well as create your own healthy juice recipes which is always fun to experiment with.


Get Up And Go For Juicing At Starbucks

Get Up And Go For Juicing.

Any person who juices will tell you, especially if they are the get up and go for juicing type, they miss their juices if the facility to juice is not to hand. For instance if they were on holiday or even out shopping and can’t get back to the juicer at home for what ever reason… Starbucks now has it covered.

Personally I am very happy to hear the news that the Starbucks coffee company is to lead the way in providing various juices to the masses, spreading the gospel of juicing far and wide through their coffee shops.

As a keen juicer of many years this really does illustrate to me the growing revolution of people taking their food intake seriously. ‘You are what you eat’ so to speak comes to mind. Get up and go for juicing at Starbucks way will be fantastic when they role it out to all their outlets.

Not only are the company helping our own internal environments they are helping our external one as well. Operating an eco friendly environment that is constructed to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification.

So we can now have fresh juice on the go and have your carrot cake and eat it!

Get Up And Go For Juicing.

In the article below, Marianne Duong from Evolution Fresh explains how the company is now positioned to be a market leader.

“Four months after acquiring Evolution Fresh, Inc., Starbucks Coffee Company (NASDAQ:SBUX) today announced the opening of the first Evolution Fresh™ store and the transformation of the brand’s look and feel to better reflect the pure, natural ingredients in each beverage and its strategic expansion and growth. The Bellevue, Wash. store opening and refreshed branding positions Evolution Fresh as a leader in the $3.4 billion and growing cold-crafted juice category and furthers its commitment to evolve and enhance the customer experience with innovative and wholesome products.

Health Meets Design Experience

Today’s opening of the first Evolution Fresh™ store introduces customers to a unique, premium juice and food experience. Combining fresh, natural ingredients with culinary and globally-inspired recipes, each order is personalized and handcrafted to create delicious offerings – including wraps, salads, soups and more. Evolution Fresh is also offering vegetarian and vegan offerings – to help customers get the most out of life, whether in-store or on-the-go.

The experience begins when customers enter the retail store. A captivating one-of-a-kind, patent-pending interactive juice wall displays educational and entertaining digital illustrations of juices and smoothies being handcrafted. As customers experience the store, they’ll be able to order personalized fresh hot and cold food items at the food counter or grab ready-to-drink beverages and food items to go.”

The good news is that the company are also providing other wholesome goodness foods that can also be purchased. Futher more their products will be distributed to retail chains in the future making it even easier to access your favourite juices when away from the home.

Here at Juice Junkie we will be keeping up with their progress and wish them every success. So if you need to get up and go for juicing, Starbucks has got your juicing covered.

Read the full article here